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Osteria Bellavista

Immersed in enchanting scenery and dominated by the majestic Mount Grappa range that overlooks the gorgeous Asolo hills, the Osteria Bellavista is located in a typical warm and welcoming farmhouse.


Traditional cuisine

Following the tradition of a typical Venetian tavern or "ostaria", our menu is recited by the host, in order for guests to enjoy an informal, family atmosphere. Our cuisine ranges from meat to fish, offering appealing dishes to vegetarians, vegans and to the most sophisticated palates alike. Our philosophy consists of reinventing the classic dishes of the area, highlighting their aroma and taste without jeopardizing tradition. We pay particular attention to the freshness of our ingredients, and offer cooked and uncooked dishes of meat and fish following their seasonality and the chef's inspiration. We always propose something new like our fish crudités starter, the fish fillet cooked in a terracotta pot and our famous risotto with seasonal ingredients.

Cooking supposes a light head, a generous spirit and a large heart.

Paul Gauguin


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