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Taste the Tradition

The alternation of the seasons and the products they bring allow the chefs to create new dishes from a natural combination of ingredients blending flavours and colours with their true passion.

A unique menu described and narrated by the host, which can satisfy the most sophisticated palates stretching between land and sea.

Wine suggested by the Sommelier is of importance on our tables and the best pairing to enhance the flavours and make for an unforgettable dining experience will be proposed.

Particular attention is reserved to diners with food allergies and intolerances, modifying or creating personalized dishes accordingly.

Our Wines

An innate appreciation, a deep understanding and a wealth of experience transform the wine from a simple beverage to the prince of the table.

Going from small local producers to the most renowned labels, our restaurant boasts a highly assorted wine list, always pairing the right wine and food with the customers' needs.

Document drafted according to the current legislation

on allergens information to customers.


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