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Poetry of flavours, stem glasses of emotions, roots in tradition

In 2007 Raffaele Barbisan, building on more than thirty years of professional experience, together with his son Paolo and a young and innovative staff, created a rustic yet attentive to detail restaurant.

Authenticity and creativity are the crucial ingredients of our restaurant. Here tradition walks hand in hand with innovation, thanks to the employment of modern cooking techniques and continuous food research. Our genuine but nonetheless elegant cuisine aims to reinvent typical Venetian dishes and beyond.

The menu is recited by the host due to a peculiarity of the Bellavista dictated by the availability of the ingredients following their seasonality. The courses are rather original and varied offering a large selection of meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, truffles, asparagus and radicchio, from local specialities to world-renowned dishes.

The "Osteria" offers a welcoming atmosphere to spend your special occasions in harmony: from the most intimate and romantic experience to the organization of family and business events. Customer well-being is our most important focus, starting from a healthy diet up to the enjoyment of a warm, cosy atmosphere.


Our Staff

The Bellavista Staff is dynamic, full of energy and creativity, looking into the future yet aware of their own traditions and roots.

The constant exchange of ideas and suggestions among the young chefs creates simple cooking which is constantly evolving and unique.

The atmosphere that reigns at Bellavista brings back memories of home. Each time our customers visit us, they don't enter only a restaurant, but they magically become part of a "Big Family".

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Home is where the heart is.

Pliny the Elder


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